I purchased access to a video or playlist, but I can’t locate my password.

After you purchase access, you will be sent an auto-generated confirmation email with a password to your PayPal email address, so make sure to check your spam/junk folder. If you still can’t find it, email administrator@ivolvetv.com to have your password re-sent.  You will also receive an email receipt from PayPal. This email from PayPal will not contain your password.


I can’t get the streaming videos to start playing.


 1.  Check that you have a good internet connection.
 2.  Select the desired video from the playlist and wait a few seconds for it to load and begin.
 3.  Try refreshing your page and/or hitting the play button inside the main video frame.
 4.  Download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash on your computer.
 5.  Try viewing the video playlist in a different browser.


I don’t know where to enter my password.


If you are using the same computer that you purchased the password on, or previously entered the password on, you may not have to enter the password when attempting the view the videos. If no box to enter a password appears, to start a video, click on the thumbnail of the desired video, wait for the video to start, or push the play button in the large main video area.


I still have more questions.


If you have additional questions not addressed here, please email administrator@ivolvetv.com.