Paranormal Event News

Go from the studio to the field with Coast to Coast AM and Alien File’s Rob Simone as we explore the […]

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Paranormal Insights: Episode 32

BROADCAST version, We show you how to increase your own psychic abilities. An interview with Doc Marquis, a 7th generation […]

Paranormal Insights: Episode 31

BROADCAST version, Dangerous GMOs and what science has to say. Also a quick look at Komong Dragon Imports. Hosts Psychic/Author […]

Paranormal Insights: Episode 30

BROADCAST version, Is there proof of paranormal or psychic phenomena? We’ll show you the evidence. Also Allen Thomas talks about […]

Paranormal Insights: Episode 28

BROADCAST version, Can the stars tell your future? We look at Astrology. Also an interview with author UFO Abductee Derrell […]