Attention Filmmakers!

We are happy to be your non-exclusive distribution partner. Ivolve TV offers generous revenue shares, advertising and marketing of your film and you still maintain all of the rights and freedom to distribute as you choose.

As filmmakers ourselves, we understand how discouraging it can be to have distributors take the ‘lion’s share’ of the profit from your production and also to promise unrealistic number to entice you to agreeing to exclusive arraignments.  At Ivolve TV we don’t do that. We are here to maximize your potential by supplementing the income you will make from your film through our unique platform and to our unique and growing base of loyal viewers. We do not charge any set up charges or hidden costs associated with adding your film to our pay-per-view site. 


Another great feature offered by Ivolve TV is the ability for you to place your film, a collection of your film and some of ours, or literally every piece of content on our site to your own website. from there your friends and clients can view your film and any other of our films you wish to make available. this effectively enables you to start your own business tomorrow as a full fledged private labeled internet TV station, and actually make an additional percentage every time your film is viewed. No other internet media distributor offers its filmmakers and affiliate such an incredible opportunity 


Ivolve TV welcomes your content in the following categories:

  • Personal Growth
  • New Science
  • Health and Fitness
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Mysterious World
  • Metaphysical
  • Transformational Stories
  • Children’s



All media submissions must be professionally produced finished pieces of content, that means opening and closing graphics, credits etc. single camera blog style pieces are not appropriate for pay per view content, but in some cases you can submit to present through our Free Videos category. Once approved you will be given information to upload your production to our server. If your production is available on the internet for free, we cannot have it on or Video On Demand service, but we may put it in our Free Videos section.



Payments will be made commencing 30 days after your media is made available on our site. Payments and statements will only be generated is owed when the amount you are owed is over $50. All payments will be made via paypal to an address you specify, unless otherwise requested.


To submit a production for consideration to Ivolve TV, send an email to customer service briefly describing your film and we will send you a copy of our standard distribution agreement to review.