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The Disclosure Dialogues…

The most definitive collection ever assembled on the state of disclosure.

The main Documentary, “It Could Happen Tomorrow” covers the history of the truth emabargo, the media’s role in the truth embargo, the church’s role in disclosure and finally, what are the real social and spiritual implications of such a historic moment? This features the 70 Minute feature documentary, with an exclusive interview with George Knapp and Ron James.

Ancient Aliens:

Come, explore the world’s mysteries, meet the Star & Consulting Producer of History’s ANCIENT ALIENS & publisher of Legendary Times Magazine the world’s only Ancient Astronaut publication.

Giorgio’s lectures are dynamic, fast-paced presentations featuring thelatest discoveries in the Ancient Astronaut field from around the world! Join Giorgio as he takes you on a worldwide adventure exploring deep jungles, lost cities, mysterious ancient monuments, and clear evidence of advanced technology from the past while he reveals ancient secrets and our cosmic origins! Fasten your seat belt; you’re going for a ride!

Roger Lier:  Alien Implants:

Be prepared for the shock of your life! Listen to what world-renowned scientists, like physicist Dr. Robert Koontz are saying about the implant materials. Find out what President Obama and theWhite House know about Dr. Leir’s scientific investigations. What is the significance of a 1996 non-terrestrial crash in Varginha, Brazil? Were the survivors brought here to the US?

UFOs: The Greatest Story Ever Denied:

Somewhere in the back of your mind, you’ve always known it was true. Special Features: Trevor James Constable – Critter footage that has never been released for over fifty years that reveals entities that exist in the invisible Ultra-Violet spectrum.

Image Tampering – Learn what to look for and where to find structures on the Moon and Mars that have been hidden from you through deliberate tampering by NASA.

Moon Rising:

On February 25,1994 1.8 million photos were taken of the Moon during the Clementine Mission. Different variations were taken including “Full Color” photos. Moon researchers and investigators appearing in this film disclose facts hidden from you for over forty years.