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We have built an incredible platform and community of people who are working around the clock to bring us free energy devices, natural cures for diseases, non-GMO food availability, and so many more amazing projects that would heal our world. The people behind these projects are all fighting against the financially powerful systems that have suppressed these solutions in the past. The Fix the World Organization exists to help give these planet changing projects every tool that they could possibly need to give them a fighting chance of breaking through. We are trying to raise the immediate start up needs for our business operations and we are ready to take this amazing operation to the next level and bring these needed changes to our planet. We realize that none of us can do this alone, that we all share the same world and we are all in this together, and WE NEED YOUR HELP.

We have completely updated our fundraising campaign and invite you to revisit it! You will find a full justification of all expenses in our start up, once again… FULL Transparency. And now we have some wonderful tokens for different donation levels to show you’re your pride in playing your role in fixing our world!


Please help us here:



“This film is not to be missed. It’s encyclopedic, transparent, and ethical. It reports on philosophies and spirituality for a world that works for everyone. It lifts the lid on the world’s cutting-edge science and suppressed technologies. Free energy, replicators, anti-grav vehicles; the truth about poisonous chemtrails, financial domination, and the erosion of civil rights — it’s all here. The best evening I’ve spent in years. If you want to know what’s really going on in our world, this is the film to see.”


– Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia