The World Belongs to the Story-Tellers


Trickster Training in the Art of Cultural Influence Pragmatic Mysticism

by Caroline Casey  

from Conscious Life Expo 2013, The Visionary Conference


The World Belongs to the Story-Tellers: Trickster Training in the Art of Cultural Influence Pragmatic Mysticism, Democratic Animism, and Applied Divination at a Time of Dire Beauty Cultivating Metaphoric Agility, Eloquence, the Arts of Skillful Blessing and Liberating Insult Neptune, Mars, Chiron, Mercury and the Moon in Pisces Convene this Aesclepion - (Chiron and his student Aesclepius, the Greek god of Healing, founded the Aesclepions as cultural centers of intentional dreaming, healing and theatre, whereby people became agents of cultural renaissance). The dream world influences the material through metaphor, which means "to carry across.,"  to spiral divisive polarity into a guiding unifying story.Metaphor is the Incarnational Garb whereby Power enters the World, allows us to participate in dreaming the desirable world into being. We convene in the spirit of ritual magic, to spiral forth into the Memosphere, the blessings of an expanded repertoire of Trickster Redeemer Responses, being agents of cool in an increasingly hot world.


Caroline W. Casey is chief Trickster at Coyote Network News, the Mythological News Service for the Trickster Redeemer within us all; dedicated to Pragmatic Mysticism, Democratic Animism and Applied Divination; For over 16 years, weaver of context for “The Visionary Activist Show” on Pacifica Radio Network  She presents her Astro-Mytho*Politico*Guiding*Meta*Story*Narrative lecture ritual theatre in myriad live and media global venues;  Author of “Making the Gods Work For You” you – the astrological language of the psyche", literary and audio; Convener of the virtual, and embodied Trickster Training Council, individual and collective astrological readings, trainings in metaphoric agility and irresistible eloquence.


Running Time: 188 min