Alchemy in Glass and Light: Part 1



Follow the creation of a stained glass version of Nicholas Roerich’s famous painting, “Mother of the World” by Masterpiece Stained Glass artist Zenon Michalak. This an excellent instructional DVD for anyone interested in the art of stained glass.  It covers the technique of a master from layout to cutting to finishing in pure gold.  It also covers the embedding of fine gem stones in the piece, a segment on tools, and more.  


In addition, there is a gallery of Zenon’s Masterpiece Glass, sought after by collectors worldwide, and a slide show of his unique Deck of Cards, all created from stained glass images.  In two interview segments, Zenon touches on his artistic philosophy, an important element to the magic of his work.  Explore the potential of light as a living essence, infused with magic and the energy of life to make an alchemical creation that is far more than stained glass. This mystical two disc set is more than an instruction in technique; it is an adventure in art that everyone will enjoy.


Running Time:  69 min

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