The Interactive Mayan Calendar: Part 1



An exact replica of YOUR Souls Mayan Calendar Journey is held within your body's chakra system. Not by coincidence, there are 144 steps in both the Mayan calendar and your Chakras! It's pre-Graduation and time to check for any unfinished experiences or 'charges' on your journey. Using Kinesiology, numbers and colors we pinpoint the ROOT of YOUR life experiences in your time line that still have these 'charges' on them. Featuring Kaitlyn Keyt.


This is an 'incomplete' in our chart which explains those repeating challenges that keep showing up and giving us opportunities to neutralize the charge and complete the experience. Additionally these charges create substantial leaks in your energy system. We will be charting out the root of these 'experience charges' both in your life history and in your bodies Chakra system.


These charges in your Chakras are like your Personal Bar Code sending out signals attracting from moment to moment EVERY experience that you're currently having. Because of the instant increase in personal power this causes, you will be accessing your new Super Human Abilities! Wait till you see what you can DO!!!


Running Time:  80 min

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