The Search for the Crystal Skulls



The Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull is THE Crystal Skull. There is only one like it anywhere in the world. Here is your chance to experience something incredible in your own way. Fresh from Filming his Sci-Fi TV Special in Belize, Crystal Skull Guardian Bill Holman arrived at our Sedona Studios to attempt something amazing. With high-def cameras and a set of special lights, we filmed the magical Crystal Skull while playing the channeled music of LiPo.


What happened next is nothing short of unexplainable. See it for yourself. The light and energy combined to create a thought portal that you can experience too! Will the skull facilitate visions and sensations for you? That’s what people are saying.


Here’s your chance to go one on one with the skull as the beautifully lit and filmed loop plays on your TV! Mediate and connect with this truly living artifact from our mysterious past. Also, watch the full length exclusive interview with Bill himself as he shares insight into the skull you won’t see on a TV Show!


Running Time:  71 min