Hyperdimensional Alignments: Part 2


On Sunday, May 20, 2012, the first annular solar eclipse visible in the continental United States for 18 years passed over the North American coastline at the Oregon/California boundary and ended at sunset in the “Great American Southwest” … just east of Lubbock, Texas. Based on decades of theoretical and experimental research, by scores of physicists around the world, and dozens of globally-spanning field tests carried out by The Enterprise Mission itself, Enterprise Mission tested the core concept of the “Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field Model.”


These geometric alignments -- of rotating planetary/stellar objects -- are crucial in creating scientifically observable changes in the underlying “torsion field physics” … across the entire solar system. During solar eclipses, these alignments are capable of affecting a wide range of diverse phenomenon across this entire planet – ranging from altering actual “physical constants” … to altering “geophysical and meteorological phenomenon” ... to dramatically affecting biology... and even “consciousness” itself. The much broader technological, sociological and historical implications of this data – from the availability of “free energy,” to the feasibility of “anti-gravity” to the accumulating evidence that “a prior, High-Tech Civilization” used this same HD Physics and Technology thousands of years ago to construct “ancient, sacred sites” around the world -- will also be presented and discussed.


Running Time: 125 min