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Use this awesome set of videos to learn all of the professional techniques for evidence gathering and documentation of case reports. Even if you're not an active field investigator, this knowledge is essential should you ever find yourself in the presence of actual phenomena.   The 2015 MUFON Symposium was the best ever, with the theme being “Expanding UFOlogy” Enjoy the keynote speech by Paul Hellyer and awesome presentations by Stanton Friedman, Jaime Masson, Cheryl Jones and more, all commercial-free available right now!   It's "All Aliens, All The Time!"  Click here to get a rotating loop of ET related presentation, films and shows.  We change it out often and it's always on!  This is another fun benefit of being a subscriber to MUFON TV!  see what's on now and just hit "Play"!
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Here's where you'll find a great collection of outside content! Many EBE award winners and other great films are all available here! They are all commercial-free and available right now on demand. Watch our collection on any device, anywhere. Enjoy our library of great films!   The “Bigger Questions Show” is an Ivolve TV original program with Ron James.  It is quickly becoming one of the most popular shows of its kind on the internet. Enjoy episodes with Stanton Friedman, Nassim Haremien, Paola Harris and more.   The 2014 MUFON Symposium was all about UFOs and the Media. Join James Fox, George Knapp, Ben hansen, Bill Birnes, Lee Speigel, Stephen Bassett and more as we explored the truth behind the media's involvement with the issue.