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Ascension Alchemy: Part 2



Ascension Alchemy: What You Need to Know Today

by David Wilcock 

from Conscious Life Expo 2013, The Visionary Conference


The Pyramid Timeline indicates that a major and irreversible leap forward in our evolutionary  process is due before the end of this year. Join David as he presents stunning evidence that a freshly-restarted 25,920-year cycle will propel us into “Ascension” – where ultimately the abilities of masters such as Jesus become commonplace.

David will systematically reveal how the major events in our history have all been repeating themselves – in precise intervals of time. Each of these intervals are a perfect “harmonic,” or division, of the 25,920-year cycle – such as 1/12th of the cycle, a 2,160-year period known as an “Age of the Zodiac.”

Why would wars and disasters – as well as our greatest triumphs – keep repeating with such uncanny precision? Is it possible for us to escape this “Wheel of Karma,” once and for all, and learn the lessons the Universe is trying to teach us? Do we have a Higher Self that is guiding and supporting our lives – and is it our destiny to ultimately make direct contact with this aspect of ourselves? Is this the key to the ancient process of Ascension – where the “lead” of the physical human form is transformed into the “gold” of the light body?


David Wilcock is the New York Times bestselling author of The Source Field Investigations – a scientific revelation of a coming Golden Age deemed “Magnificent” by esteemed scholar Graham Hancock. David has appeared on seven episodes of Ancient Aliens on History Channel and is in the final stages of developing a film and television series around his groundbreaking work, in partnership with Jim Hart – screenwriter of the movie Contact and many others.


Running Time: 67 min



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