We have built an incredible Studio. Join us for all of your production needs.

At the Ivolve Studios, we've built an incredible place for your creativity to thrive. We're all about creating media for the New Digital Age. That means streamlining costs and coming up with inspired ways to deliver quality for less.

Our studios are a playground for the imagination. We have everything you need to develop your project and shoot your show. It's all here under one roof. Lights, cameras, crew, for studio or location production.

We even have in-house digital animation, complete post production capability and more. We're open to joint ventures and we are always looking for new programming and talent to join the Ivolve TV family.

We can change the look of our sets simply by printing new panels for the graphics, or, as you can see below, we can change the entire area to meet your vision.  This is our blog / talk show area.

Our Blog area is the perfect location for you to deliver your unique program, teachings, corporate messages and more.  With just a few simple changes and some custom graphics, this is another versatile set area that is fun and easy!

Our enviroments are beautiful and functional.  Use our main room for you music video.  Use our bar set, our recording studio and our luxurious lobby to create unlimited settings.  Rent our facility for your special event!

We offer Free Wi-fi, plenty of off-street parking, large restrooms, lots of electricity, and perks like a full kitchen, dressing room, washer and dryer for costume maintenance and more!  We also have a great collection of furniture and props to make your vision easy!

Our 3D animation department has done some really incredible work using Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, Maya and more. Recently, we added full Virtual Reality production to compliment our full dome, 3D and other specialty formats.

We are one of the only facilities capable of handling all elements of your production under one roof, regardless of the size and scope of your vision.

Below are a couple of special effects shots from our shows and films that we did in-house.  Our animators are a talented group with major credits, available at very competitive rates.

Camera to Client PPV Webcasting and More!

Live streaming is a complicated process.  Especially when you choose to add in features such as Pay Per View.  Very few companies offer what we do.  We call it “Camera to Client”.  It means that we handle everything, including on-site production, and providing or managing the streaming platform and payment gateways (if needed) that are right for you.

Our Tricaster systems give you beautiful, quality productions with pro features such as live titles, PIP and more. Our platform delivers worldwide adaptive streaming to virtually any device. You can embed a Pay Per View event directly on your site and have all of the funds sent directly to you. Or, you can team up with us and use the Ivolve TV platform and reach to increase your exposure.

If you would like to start your own ongoing webcast, we have studios that will give your show the quality look it needs to separate you from the competition.

Every event, every client, every need is different. Tailor our options to fit your unique vision, only pay for what you choose. We will meet or beat any legitimate quote for similar services.

Production & Development  

* Standard production services including multi-camera reality, documentary and original programming formats, editing and post
* Original Programming development, production and distribution strategies and services
* Stereoscopic 3-D and other specialized production such as Full-Dome, Virtul Reality and Large Format Visual applications
* 3D Animation in Maya and 3D Studio Max

We Offer:

* Live Event Recording
* Live Streaming with Pay-Per-View options, fully embeddable
* Remote location live streaming (Our truck can stream from just about anywhere)
* Webcasting from our Studios (create a show, hold an event, come in and stream it)
* Online Video Platform development for your own Web Site

Email us for more Information.

Some of our Available Equipment:

Switching and Webcasting:

A Tricaster 40 Webcasting Studio

Also available Tricaster 455 and 855

Ethernet setups for all cameras

Additional laptops for stream monitoring / secondary stream

Platform and Backend Support for Pay Per View and Live Webcasting:

We offer the best independent video distribution platform in the industry.

We facilitate live pay-per-view events from camera to client with minimal setup charges.

We offer complete turnkey backend infrastructure for any pay-per-view content delivery website.

We are the only company we know of offering such a complete pipeline of services.



4 Panasonic AG90 HD camcorders

4 Sony ZR1U HD Camcorders

1 Panasonic AC 130 Camcorder

2 Panasonic A3DA-1 stereoscopic it 3-D cameras

2 Canon 5D Mark III

Assorted Lenses

1 Go Pro 3-D camera rig

Three single Go Pro kits with all accessories

1 Rotor Concepts HC quad camera helicopter with
Go Pro camera attached


Additional Location Equipment that is available includes:

Four matching precision tripods

Dolly wheels

7 inch Marshall video monitors

Additional LED monitors

1 I-pad teleprompters

1 Studio Teleprompter

Basic radio set

6 foot camera jib

12 foot camera jib

20 foot EZ Jib

Remote control pan tilt head

Trade show / red carpet backdrop

Five LED area lighting kit, 3 x 1000 plus asst. smalls

6000 W of tungsten soft lights

C-stands, light stands, sandbags, additional tripods


Location Audio Includes:

1 pair handheld wireless microphones

2 Sennheiser lav mics

3 Azden lav Mics

1 8 channel Mackie audio board

1 Sennheiser field mixer

1 Zoom field audio box

In-house Editing and Post:

2 Mac Pro 8 core Xeons

Final Cut

Adobe Creative Suite

Cineiform Studio

2 21 inch Imacs

Private Editing Room

(6) 8 core PC digital animation workstations Max, Maya, Motion Builder

12000 square feet of versatile shooting space

Props, furniture, on-site build and graphics shop

Conveniently located near LAX


Case Study: Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

Beginning April 29th, 2013, Ivolve TV delivered camera-to-client production services for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington, D.C.. This included deploying 4 cameras, a crane, our Tricaster live studio, and an elaborate set-up that enabled the event to be broadcast live in multiple languages worldwide. Ivolve TV also provided the pay-per-view portal and adaptive live streaming to an eventual veiwership of nearly 9,000 people worldwide who watched the event on a variety of devices. Ivolve TV is one of the only companies capable of providing effective and affordable camera-to-client pay-per-view turnkey production services.