Paranormal Insights

Paranormal Insights brings you answers from beyond the ordinary. With hosts Award Winning Psychic and International Author Joseph Ernest Martin and Hypnotherapist and Medical Intuitive Cindy Grayson. Each month Paranormal Insights offers two new shows bringing you the newest and best from the metaphysical world.
Watch both Season 1 and Season 2 of Paranormal Insights here on Ivolve TV.  The Season 1 archives are free to watch, see links to episodes below.  Season 2 can be viewed for $1.99 per episode, also available below.





 Paranormal Insights Season 2 - $1.99 Per Episode


Episode 22: Fairies, Elves and Leprechauns, Jeffery Gonzales Paranormal Society
Episode 23: Energy Vortexes: Is there one in your home?, Richard Dolan UFO Researcher
Episode 24: Energy Vampires: Is someone stealing your energy?, George Tavoury TESLA Society
Episode 25: Archangels: Can you call Angels to help?, Star Emissary Intuitive Arts Center
Episode 26: Harnessing the Energy of the Moon, Organization for Paranormal Understanding & Support
Episode 27: Can the TAROT tell your Future?, Michael Batterman - Integrative Therapy
Episode 28: Astrology: Can the stars help your reality? Darrell Sims: UFO Abductee and Researcher
Episode 29: Crystal Skulls: Do they have World Power?, Dael Walker on Crystal Skulls
Episode 30: Is there Proof of Paranormal Phenomena? Bigfoot DNA Evidence with Allen Thomas
Episode 31: Are GMO's Dangerous? Komong Dragon Imports
Episode 32: How to Increase Your Psychic Abilities, Doc Marquis 7th Generation Witch, Illuminati
Episode 33: Ghost, spirit or energy Imprint? How to tell the difference., Aura Camera
Episode SE2: Divination Panel Conscious Life Expo, Paranormal Insights Special Edition
Episode 34: Are Demons Real?, Can we protect ourselves? Ava Kay Jones VooDoo Priestess
Episode 35: Accessing the Goddess Energy. Can you Benefit? and Chung Li, Pure Energy Healer
Episode SE3: Past Lives, Near Death and Reincarnation Panel in San Francisco
Episode SE4: The Dark Forces and their Evil Agenda - Live from San Francisco




Paranormal Insights Season 1 - Free to Enjoy


Episode 1: Spirit Guides, Aura Camera
Episode 2: Past Life Healing, Aroma Therapy
Episode 3: Good & Bad Ghosts, Healthy Water
Episode 4: Harnessing Crystal Power, Crystal Wands
Episode 5: Listening to Angels, Hormone Harmony
Episode 6: Attracting Real LOVE, Passion Parties
Episode 7: UFOs Full Disclosure and Binih Stones
Episode 8: HAARP - Secret Gov. Project, Musician Scott Huckabay
Episode 9: Good Psychic vs. Bad Psychic, Inspiration Campaign
Episode 10: Dreams and What They Mean, Life Purpose Consulting
Episode 11: Attracting Money Magically, Genesse Global Skin Care
Episode 12: Remote Viewing, Living Rainbows in Crystal
Episode 13: Healing with Color, Reno Psychic Fair - BioScan
Episode 14: Parallel Universes, Robert Perala UFO Author
Episode 15: Changing Workplace Energy, Quantum Sheild Protection
Episode 16: Mind Control Techniques, Brian Sussman on Global Warming
Episode 17: Healing Your Wounds, Recycled Jewelry
Episode 18: Communicating with Departed Loved Ones, Chakra Soap
Episode 19: What You Need to Know About Real Witches, Handmade Drums
Episode 20: Is Your Future in Your Palms? Look into "Light Stones"
Episode 21: You May not be Crazy, You May be Psychic, Icelandic Formulas