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Bigger Questions - Watch it Now!

Join master interviewer Ron James as we explore Bigger Questions from paranormal phenomenon to contemporary spirituality. Enjoy these smart discussions with today's luminaries. 

In our first release, Ron James interviews the late Stuart Wilde in one of his last on-camera interviews. Also coming:  Gregg Braden, Dr. Masuru Emoto, Sri Sri Raavi Shankar, George Knapp, George Noory and more!
The Daily Vibe2  
The Daily Vibe - Watch it Now!

Somewhere in this universe there is a place where spirituality, lifestyle and culture combine. The Daily Vibe takes the best of these and delivers them in a fresh, exciting and practical way.

Join Giselle and Rion for that new perspective you're looking for: comedy, mastery, tools and intel from a galactic and practical perspective. This is daily life in the New Golden Age! 
awakenicon Awaken Your Masterful Self - 14 part series- MAY

Robert Tennyson Stevens has helped thousands of people master thier inner well-being through Mastery Systems Training. 

In this exclusive Ivolve TV Production, Mastery Systems delivers strategic Human Operating System Upgrade techniques to individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. Our primary assertion is: Every Human Being, Group, Family, and Business is most effectively served by mastering their own Life Path.

Mastery Systems provides experience, coaching, education, live training, online and home study materials designed to awaken the masterful self coach within each of us.
MUFON Television - JUNE

As the world's oldest and largest  UFO phenomenon investigative body, MUFON aims to be the inquisitive minds' refuge seeking answers to that most ancient question, "Are we alone in the universe?"

MUFON and Ivolve TV have joined forces to bring you an awesome collection of ET related content, the MUFON Archives, a live bi-weekly show and more!

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PRG Daily PRG Video Updates - Watch it Now!

These FREE Updates will be released approximately every two weeks while the Congressional Hearing Initiative is in play. What you may not realize is that regardless of different opinions on the likelihood of official disclosure, it is vitally important to keep the pressure on our political process. 

We believe that it has already driven change through many channels as it propels us toward our goal of an informed population and the end of The Truth Embargo.
Paranormal Insights - 
Watch it now!

Paranormal Insights brings you answers from beyond the ordinary. With hosts Award Winning Psychic and International Author Joseph Ernest Martin, also with Hypnotherapist and Medical Intuitive Cindy Grayson.

Each month we offer two new shows bringing you the newest and best from the metaphysical world.

Watch both Season 1 and Season 2 of Paranormal Insights on Ivolve TV.
RadsR.A.D.S.  - Watch the Trailer!

This show is an example of the kind of material that we can produce and air that is outside of the mainstream yet vitally important. The Fukushima Radiation silently approaches California.

The EPA removes radiation detectors around the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. Agencies around the world raise the “Safe” level of radiation exposure by as much as 3000 percent.Can we trust the government and other “official” outlets to tell us the truth?

R.A.D.S. is a reality style TV show featuring a group of young investigators exploring our lands, seas and food supplies for evidence of radiation.
The Biggest Dreamer - Watch the Trailer!

Follow a group of people as they work to change their outer reality by changing their inner beliefs. Extraordinary life coaches and spritiual teachers are teamed with our "Dreamers" to help guide them on the most incredible journeys of their lives.

The principle behind The Biggest Dreamer is that we, in large part DO create our own reality. As science and spirituality come together, the audience witnesses miraculous change and unprecidented accomplishment.

Members of the audience are invited to use the techniques our qualified teachers instill and to share their own personal victories with the show's own social networking features.
originals-living-younger Living Younger - Coming Soon!

Join us as we explore the latest understandings of how the human body ages.

We hear from some of today's most prolific Alternative Health experts, people like David Wolfe, Nick Delgado, Matt Monarch and more!

Learn tips, tricks and insights that will keep you looking and feeling younger, longer.

alternative-greens-originals Alternative Greens - Watch the Trailer!

Join us as we explore modern-day technology that enables us to grow food virtually anywhere, free of Genetically Modified Organisms, pesticides, and even the conventional limitations of basic organic farming.

We visit state of the art urban food production facilities.

You will see such exciting new technologies as hyrdoponics, commercial grade aeroponics and fusion techniques such as aquaponics far surpass conventional farming methods in production and nutrition.
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