The Daily Vibe (2)

The Daily Vibe - An Ivolve TV Original Series

Welcome Giselle and Rion to Ivolve TV's newest Orginal Program!

Somewhere in this universe there is a place where spirituality, lifestyle and culture combine. The Daily Vibe takes the best of these and delivers them in a fresh, exciting and practical way.

Join Giselle and Rion for that new perspective you're looking for: comedy, mastery, tools and intel from a galactic and practical perspective. This is daily life in the New Golden Age!

New shows start in May!  They will be available on a pay-per -view basis or with your Ivolve TV subscription.

Ivolve TV has a wonderful and ever-expanding collection of rare media designed for the Explorer in all of us.

This includes: Amazing Original Programming, Independent Features from Conscious Filmmakers, Exclusive Live Events and a catalog of Titles and Documentaries you won't find anywhere else.

 Other Ivolve TV Originals: More Episodes of "The Daily Vibe" will come out weekly starting in May!
 bqstill Ascension Updateweb   Creativityweb
 Join master Interviewer Ron James as he explores science, the paranormal and the connection that we must find between the two.  This isn’t your everyday talk show.  Ron is a “Conversationalist” and he brings out the best in his guests. See it Here!  Many of us are working toward our personal ascension. What’s happening on the planet right now, and how can we all come together around this goal?  Join Rion and Giselle as they share this “Ascension Update”  “Creativity”… it’s what makes the world thrive and expand!  Rion and Giselle talk about the spiritual connection between ourselves and the creative forces of the universe!
MUFON TV  divinationWeb  highvibeyourhouseweb
Ivovle TV Is proud to annouce that we have teamed up with MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network) to bring you MUFON TV!  This will be orginal shows evey two weeks about the latest happenigs in the field and a huge collection of exclusive ET-Related content commercial free! Join Rion and Giselle as they explore the many aspects of “Divination”.  We bet you didn’t know how many tools exist around you to help you determine truth and highest and best good!  Watch this very special episode and expand your awareness!

Did you know that things like Fung Shui and the simple placement of objects in your home can make a huge difference in creating energy that helps you to thrive?  Giselle and Rion share some cool tips and conversation on how you can “High Vibe Your House!”

 bobstevensweb practiacl magicweb truth serumweb

“Awaken Your Masterful Self”  In this 14 part Ivolve TV exclusive, Master Teacher Robert Tennyson Stevens invites you to learn some invigorating techniques for getting to the heart of anything that might be holding you back. Starts in May.

We all know about the movie “Practical Magic”.  As Rion and Giselle joke, “This is not that”.  Enjoy a lively, fun discussion about how practical magic can happen in your life to.  Enrich your space and your energy!

In this episode of “The Daily Vibe”, “Truth Serum” Gisele and Rion explore the essential elements of truth and integrity. We talk about great books and teachings that expand our understanding and help us stay in our integrity!