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Christmas in Space - Apollo 8
Earth Prayer Music Video by Ena Vie
Fix the World Documentary
Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy
Frankenfood Music Video
Hawaii Seed Tour in Kaua`i
Hidden Secrets About 911
The Sky is Pink
The World According to Monsanto‬
UFOs: The Secret History
What in The World are They Spraying?
Why in the World are They Spraying?
Wisdom of the Goddess with Tiffany Tatum

Paranormal Insights Season 1

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Episode 1: Spirit Guides, Aura Camera
Episode 2: Past Life Healing, Aroma Therapy
Episode 3: Good & Bad Ghosts, Healthy Water
Episode 4: Harnessing Crystal Power, Crystal Wands
Episode 5: Listening to Angels, Hormone Harmony
Episode 6: Attracting Real LOVE, Passion Parties
Episode 7: UFOs Full Disclosure and Binih Stones
Episode 8: HAARP - Secret Gov. Project, Musician Scott Huckabay
Episode 9: Good Psychic vs. Bad Psychic, Inspiration Campaign
Episode 10: Dreams and What They Mean, Life Purpose Consulting
Episode 11: Attracting Money Magically, Genesse Global Skin Care
Episode 12: Remote Viewing, Living Rainbows in Crystal
Episode 13: Healing with Color, Reno Psychic Fair - BioScan
Episode 14: Parallel Universes, Robert Perala UFO Author
Episode 15: Changing Workplace Energy, Quantum Sheild Protection
Episode 16: Mind Control Techniques, Brian Sussman on Global Warming
Episode 17: Healing Your Wounds, Recycled Jewelry
Episode 18: Communicating with Departed Loved Ones, Chakra Soap
Episode 19: What You Need to Know About Real Witches, Handmade Drums
Episode 20: Is Your Future in Your Palms? Look into "Light Stones"
Episode 21: You May not be Crazy, You May be Psychic, Icelandic Formulas


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